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Peak Revival Is a Personalised Program 

it will include the following.....

Lab Testing

Identify your core imbalances. This includes adrenal, thyroid, other hormones & neurotransmitters to understand the source of your fatigue, anxiety, overwhelm, low mood & weight gain (value $1500)

Peak Revival Roadmap

Your personalised 3 month roadmap based on lab test results and naturopathic consultation so you can thrive to the top (value $1500)

Transformational Coaching

Clear the decks of mental roadblocks and habits so you can be on your A-GAME more often, have the emotional balance & resilience so that the outside world does not interfere with your dreams, vision and objectives (value $2000)


Fortnightly adjustments to your plan, accountability, and coaching to accelerate your results without stress or overwhelm 

Access To Vesna

Access to Vesna between sessions for questions, advice or coaching 

High-performance Plans

The Latest functional medicine & Nutrition plans for on-going high performance 

Ready for a higher level of support:

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